White Mountain Hiking Trails

White Mountain Hiking Trails

Hands down, the White Mountains are the perfect playground for those who enjoy a mixture of history, nature and playtime with Mother Nature—and there is no better way to savor it all than by taking a hike!  There are so many options to choose from.  Some of the best hikes can be found at the links below.  For hikers of all levels we recommend Pole Knoll Recreation Area—with plenty of trails that wind through gorgeous Ponderosa, Aspen and Spruce forests and meadows of wildflowers.  The trail system is well-marked and nicely maintained.  If you’re quiet and keep an eye out you may glimpse some the resident wildlife—including the striking Steller Jay, Wild Turkey, Antelope, and the majestic Elk!

Hiking Links

White Mountain Hiking Trails


Day Hiking (Springerville and Alpine Ranger Districts)


Backpacking (Springerville and Alpine Ranger Districts)